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Humans these days, eh, little brother.

— Elsa to Stefan

Elsa Salvatore (1)
Elsa Salvatore
Biographical information
  • Undead
  • Confederate Nurse (1863)
  • College Student (formerly)
  • Damon's Twin (by everyone)
  • The Better Twin (by everyone)
  • Female
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant sires
  • Sam
  • Dean
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Neck Snapped (as a human)
Killed by
Physical Appearance
  • 5'7"
  • 170cm
Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


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Elsa Salvatoreis a female vampire and one of the female protagonists ofThe Vampire Diaries. She was a major antagonist inSeason OneandSeason Four. She is the younger twin sister ofDamon Salvatoreand the elder sister toStefan Salvatore. She was born in 1839 and lived in the colonial town ofMystic Fallswith her two brothers and her father,Giuseppe Salvatore. She was turned into a vampire by Katherine Pierce in 1864. At the time of arriving at Mystic Falls, she and Damon were close and mostly tease and taunted Stefan.In 1866, she had left Mystic Falls and travelled down to New Orleans where she met the Mikaelson family. She became quite close to the youngest brother,Kol Mikaelson, had fallenin love with him. In 1919, she was captured and tortured by Kol's father, Mikael, showing her to be staked on stage in front ofNiklaus and Mikael. Elsa escaped her near death and left New Orleans not seeing her friends in ninety years.In 1949, she had met up with her old friend,Jasper Whitlock, from her army days for a year before being accompanied byAlice Cullen, who came to be Jasper's mate. Shesoon leftthem to travelled around the world. Before arriving in Mystic Falls, she was in Forks helping out withBella Swanand the Cullen Family.

Her best friends areRebekah Mikaelson,Katherine Pierce,Jasper WhitlockandBella Swan. And close friends withMarcel GerardandNiklaus Mikaelson.

Elsa is a member of theSalvatore Family and coven mate to the Cullen Coven.


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    • 1.1 Early Life
    • 1.2 New Orleans
      • 1.2.1 1866
      • 1.2.2 1887
      • 1.2.3 1901
      • 1.2.4 1919
      • 1.2.5 1942
      • 1.2.6 1949
      • 1.2.7


Early Life[]

Elsa Salvatore (2)

Elsa was born toGiuseppe SalvatoreandLillian Salvatoreon June 28, 1839 in the small town ofMystic Falls, Virginia with her twin brother,Damon. She has a younger brotherStefan Salvatore, who is seven years younger than her, and the three of them were very close when they were human. She joined the Confederate Army at some point to become a nurse and to keep an eye on her brother. She also happen to meetJasper Hale, in the Army and became best friends with him.She came back before Damon returned to spend time at theSalvatore Estate. She had metKatherine Piercein 1864, and became very close friends.

It is uncertain how or when Elsa found out that Katherine was a vampire, but unlike Stefan who did fear her, she was like her twin brother, and did not fear or reject Katherine, even willingly to drink her blood. Katherine once demonstrated to her and Damon one of her tricks for securing victims; lying in the middle of a road to stop any travellers that may come to pass.

Elsa did not like her mortal life and wanted to become a vampire, an immortal creature. She heard the confrontation between her two brothers about keeping Katherine's vampire status as a secret from their father, who was a member of theTown Counciland vampire-hater. She formed a plan with Katherine andGeorge Lockwood; Katherine would give George the moonstone and give Elsa the immortal life if they would help her fake her death. When Stefan inadvertently revealed that Katherine was a vampire, she was taken away, and George and Elsa's plan was in action.

George and Elsa waited at theFell's Church, and spotted Katherine's carriage and step her free. Katherine gave George the moonstone, and Elsa spotted her brothers on the ground, not moving. Katherine assured her that they both had her vampire blood in their system and will turned into vampires, before biting on her wrist, shoving her wrist into Elsa's mouth. She drank the blood and Katherine snapped her neck.

Elsa woken up later after her brothers, Katherine's maid,Emily Bennett, was there and told her that her brothers were okay and now vampires. Emily handed her adaylight ring, and a cup of human blood. She completed her transition as a vampire. Emily told her that the witches in the future would like her, and Elsa thanked her for the daylight ring.

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Weeks after she was turned, she watched her younger brotherwent on a rampage, killing members of theFounding Families, because of what had happened with Katherine, who knew that Katherine was alive and free. She did not tell her brothers as a promise she made to Katherine. When she and Damon came upon Stefan playing with the human girls, Elsa had watched Damon compelling them to leave and not to come back. Damon and Elsa wanted to leave Mystic Falls and Stefan begged them not to leave, promising he would do better. Elsa just left not wanting to be here any longer than necessary.

New Orleans[]


After leaving Mystic Falls, Elsa had travelled south toNew Orleans, Lousianna, hearing all about excitement that is happening there, and always wanted to go. Now that she was avampire, she go anywhere she likes. She arrived in theFrench Quarterin 1866, and compelled a human for one of the finest places to lived in. The human pointed herto the direction of the Mikaelson Family. She had met the eldest sibling,Elijah Mikaelson, who invited her to stay with them during her time staying in New Orleans, she then met his younger brother,Niklausand Marcel.


In 1887, she met Elijah and Niklaus' younger sister, Rebekah, when she became undaggered, Elsa told her that brothers can be annoyance, seeing as she had two brothers, but they are overprotective of their only sister. Rebekah took a liking to her and they soon became best friends, and did everything together.


Elsa then took the pleasure of meeting Elijah, Niklaus, Rebekah's other brother, Kol Mikaelson. There was a spark between the two after Elsa was thought to be a snack for Kol, and she snapped his neck, surprising him.

Their relationship start off friends, close friends then lovers before he was daggered in 1914.

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One night, she was caught and tortured by the Mikaelson's father, Mikael, for being a close friendship with them all. Later on, Mikael brought Marcel who tortured him as well in front of her, before being compelled, before pinned on stage at the opera house, unconscious.

When she came about in the burning house, Marcel untied her and took her away. Elsa stayed behind and helped Marcel, building the city and a vampire army for a decade before moving on, but keep coming back to check on the city and on Marcel.


Elsa Salvatore (3)

She came back to New Orleans and spotted her two brothers. She met Charlotte, Damon's new girlfriend at that time, and Lexi Branson once again. Elsa felt happy to be with her brothers again, approving of Stefan's new diet, when it went bad, as Charlotte brought a bleeding human at Damon's joking remark who took it seriously. Elsa began suspiciously about this, when she figure it out it was a sire-bond between Charlotte and her brother. Elsa was ready to join Stefan on his army for WW2, to help him out with Damon, but Lexi told them both it was a bad idea.




Who is Elsa Salvatore? ›

Elsa Salvatore is a female vampire and one of the female protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. She was a major antagonist in Season One and Season Four. She is the younger twin sister of Damon Salvatore and the elder sister to Stefan Salvatore.

Who is Damon Salvatore half brother? ›

James Salvatore is the paternal half brother of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. As once said by Damon the family name had to go somewhere. Giuseppe Salvatore had illegitimate son with one of the maids, presumably after Lily had "died".

Who is Elena and Damon's daughter? ›

Stefanie is the witch daughter of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert; the younger sister of Jenna, Grayson, and Zachary Salvatore; the older sister of Sarah Salvatore, and the older half-sister of Macaria, Johnathan, and Alatheia Mikaelson. Due to his marriage to Elena, Elijah Mikaelson is her step-father.

Is Damon and Elena's child in Legacies? ›

"Legacies" Confirmed That Damon And Elena From "The Vampire Diaries" Have A Daughter And I'm Emotional. SO. MANY. DELENA.

Who is Damon Salvatore's twin sister? ›

Elizabeth Salvatore was born in 1839, and was the only daughter of Giuseppe and Lillian Salvatore and is the twin sister of Damon Salvatore and the older sister of Stefan Salvatore. She is a Vampire and a main character on the Second season of Vampire Bloodlines.

Who is Elena Mikaelson? ›

Elena Marie Gilbert-Mikaelson (formerly Gilbert-Salvatore) was the former main female protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. At the beginning of the series, Elena appears to be a regular human girl, but is then revealed to be a Petrova doppelgänger.

What episode does Elena get pregnant? ›

"Black Hole Sun" is the 4th episode of the sixth season of the American series The Vampire Diaries and the series' 115th episode overall. "Black Hole Sun" was originally aired on October 23, 2014, on The CW.

Who is the father of Elena's baby? ›

In the premiere episode of the six-part miniseries, Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis) is brutally murdered, and now it looks like Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) may be responsible for her death. Not only that, but it turns out, he's the father of her newborn daughter.

Do Elijah and Elena have kids? ›

Elijah Mikaelson: Elijah is the current husband of Elena Gilbert and the father of their son, Johnathan Mikaelson and an unnamed daughter.

Who is Damon's son in Legacies? ›

Grayson is the hybrid son of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, the twin brother of Jenna Salvatore, and the older brother of Stefanie and Sarah Salvatore. He is the grandson of Giuseppe Salvatore, Lillian Salvatore, John Gilbert, and Isobel Flemming and the step-grandson of Alaric Saltzman.

Is Elena alive in Legacies? ›

This is where timelines might make things a bit confusing. Like mentioned before, Elena and Damon did live a long and happy life together before they both died. Since Legacies takes place about 10 or so years after the end of The Vampire Diaries, they are both still together and alive.

Why was Legacies cancelled? ›

Concluding at four seasons, Legacies was not able to match the durability of its parent show, The Vampire Diaries, which ran for eight seasons, and fellow TVD spinoff, The Originals, which ran for five seasons. The fourth and final season of Legacies is currently airing.

Who is Elena and Damon in Legacies? ›

Although CW announced that Legacies season 4 would be its last this summer, season 5 (which was already in development) would have made Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon Salvatore's (Ian Somerhalder) The Vampire Diaries ending better.

Are Damon and Stefan in the Legacies? ›

Stefan Jeremy Gilbert-Salvatore is a major recurring character on The Vampire Diaries and a main character on Legacies. He is one of the of twin children of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, the other being Stefanie Salvatore.

Is Damon related to Silas? ›

Distant Family, Silas is Damon's distant paternal ancestor, Former Allies/Enemies, They worked together to defeat Qetsiyah.

Who is Salvatore in Legacies? ›

Stefanie Jenna Gilbert-Salvatore is a major recurring character on The Vampire Diaries and a main character on Legacies.

Who is Elizabeth Salvatore? ›

Elizabeth “Ellie” Salvatore is a protagonist and one of the leading females in The Vampire Diaries. She is a 162-year-old vampire with a special talent of seeing into the future.

What bloodline is Damon from? ›

Julie Plec has already confirmed that Klaus is the origin of the bloodline Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Elena are from.


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